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Can Neuroplasticity Help Your Chronic Pain?

On today's podcast from My Pain Coach, LLC:

In today's episode, I discuss a quick quiz to see if neuroplasticity can help you find freedom out of chronic pain. I've developed a series of questions to understand if you have neuroplastic pain.

Also, a bonus list of classic chronic pain personality traits that predict chronic pain is included.

Cindy Dawson, NBC-HWC helps listeners understand that chronic pain is generated in the body by the brain & find their own solutions to lowering & even eliminating chronic pain using individualized solutions based on neuroplasticity. After suffering for almost 50 years & being frustrated by the US healthcare system's treatment of the chronic pain community, she began an advocacy crusade to validate people with pain and ultimately found answers to her own chronic pain. As a nationally Board-Certified Wellness Coach specializing in chronic pain, she Creates Positive Changes for People With Pain.

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