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My Pain Coach, LLC


Empowered Relief™️

by Stanford University


Offering Class on Pain Management & Recovery

This research-based class is literally cutting-edge treatment.  It was developed by a pain psychologist and researcher at Stanford named Beth Darnall, PhD, and her colleagues. The results of the $4 million grant from the NIH were published in 2021. 

The study found that this one-time, 2-hour Empowered Relief class reduced pain-related distress, pain intensity, pain interference, sleep problems, and many other symptoms.

The incredible thing is that these same results: improvements on many levels, were lasting improvements! They discovered that the skills and tools this class teaches to change your relationship to pain were lasting even at 3 months follow-up.

The Empowered Relief online program will:

  • Educate you about the neurobiology of pain;

  • Create awareness of your thoughts and feelings about pain;

  • Empower you with simple body-mind practices;

  • Help you lower your pain distress by calming your nervous system;

  • Teach you to simply and effectively manage your pain;

  • Restore function and return to a more manageable life;

  • Enable you to tap into your resilience and strength

The cost for this 2-hour class either in-person or virtually through Zoom is $40.

  • Refreshments are provided for an in-person class.

  • Learn about pain and what you can do to help yourself

  • Gain pain relief skills you can use right away

  • Receive a free binaural relaxation audiofile

  • Create a personal plan for pain relief

  • Bring one friend or family member with you for free!



1) Submit email below to reserve your spot in the next available group.

2) You will receive an email with the instructions to lock in your spot with payment.


In-Person Class -

Elevate Office Suites

Conference Room TBD

670 Meridian Way, Westerville, Ohio

OCTOBER 6, 2022 at 6 pm

Class size is limited to 10 seats.

For questions: email

Thanks for submitting!

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