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Working To Heal The Whole You:

  • Your health care team will help you with the physical side of your whole being related to your chronic pain and other health matters.

  • Your therapist will help you where you are stuck emotionally with your mental illness if you have a mental illness.

I will let them do the jobs they trained to do.  That's their area of expertise.

What I Cannot Do:

  • I cannot give you a "magic pill" to wipe away your pain.

  • I cannot do anything more medically than your treatment team is doing.

How I Can Work To Help You:

  • Find the WHOLE you.

  • Understand that chronic pain actually does begin in the brain. (No! It's not all in your head.  I promise.)

  • Restructure and restore your brain with an understanding of neuroplasticity.

  • Find your core values to determine your purpose.  It may be different than you think!

  • Determine your limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and unhappy.

  • Learn mindful practices.

  • Build confidence and self-trust.

  • Build self-love and self-care.

I will treat the whole person by helping you achieve what YOU want to order into your life. We will start with the foundation of core values and build a treatment plan for your career, hobbies, opportunities, social activities, and your spiritual self.

Coaching will bring self-trust, self-esteem, and confidence back in your life also allowing for optimization of your healthcare team's treatment plans.

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