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The My Pain Coach Approach
Is Focused on Recovery

The My Pain Coach approach where possible is focused on recovery.  Our goal is to help people living with chronic pain and for whom conventional medicine has failed to find any solutions.


Can you answer yes to the following questions:


  • Are you in pain management, but are still searching for relief from pain? 

  • Are you only treating the pain symptoms with no success in recovering from chronic pain?   

  • Have pain doctors told you there is nothing more they can do for you other than band-aids like pills, injections & risky unproven surgeries?

  • Do you feel your pain is undertreated?                                                                                     

  • Are you losing hope while living with chronic pain?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above,  the My Pain Coach approach may help recover from your chronic pain!             

Chronic pain is often incorrectly diagnosed due to the erroneous belief, even by some current medical providers, that pain must have a physical cause in every case.  The latest pain science research resists this outdated theory and re-connects the mind and body as whole meaning stress affects your pain, even to the point of creating chronic debilitating pain and other chronic conditions.                          


Conventional pain-management approach:


  • The focus is on ill-ness & dis-ease, rather than well-ness

  • When only treating symptoms with pills, injections, and surgeries, it results in inadequate and under-treated pain.

  • Traditional old-school theory separates the mind and body; therefore, the person is not treated in all the ways that recovery from chronic pain requires.

  • The conventional belief within the medical community and public is that pain is only due to a structural cause, such as tissue damage. (Our goal is also to educate health care providers with the latest updated pain science.)


The My Pain Coach approach is based on

  • one-on-one connection with understanding, compassion, and empathy

  • Pain neuroscience proves that pain lasting longer than 3 months is not linked to tissue damage but is firing in the emotional centers of the brain based on threat perception.

  • Evidenced-based science proves that many non-physical elements play a role in creating chronic pain

  • Linking and addressing the underlying causes of your pain related specifically to the root cause: unresolved emotions from current & past situations and everyday triggers.

  • Integrated and individual lessons are created specifically for you and your unique needs.

  • Changing your relationship with yourself plus your emotions, and seeing the pain in a different more manageable way

  • Reprogram your brain with a healthier network of circuits to better deal with internal and external stressors

  • Collaborating together to create a partnership with you in the driver's seat of how you want the rest of your journey out of pain to be. I help you navigate any and all obstacles, doubts, and fears.

You can find better pain relief and possibly even recover from chronic pain through the My Pain Coach program:
  • Learning the difference between pain management and pain recovery

  • Gaining an understanding of why traditional pain management may not be working for you

  • Discovering the science behind the pain of why and how it is produced in the body

  • Empowering yourself as you recognize the underlying causes of your pain

  • Linking the triggers that cause the pain to persist, increase or recur

  • Learning to reprogram conditioned/learned responses by getting curious about the sensations

  • Reprogramming neural circuits to cope in healthier ways with external situations/stressors

  • Discovering that personality traits, learned behaviors, self-limiting beliefs, and negative self-talk can create stress-induced Chronic pain and illnesses

  • Resource list of research, plus books for enhanced faster recovery.

  • Creating your own holistic My Pain Coach Pain-Free Formula Toolbox™ based on your specific unique needs.

At My Pain Coach, LLC, we are your trusted partners in Pain and Health & Wellness Coaching.


Our practices are dedicated to providing quality care by offering the highest level of service based on client-centered care, which is why we have a well-deserved reputation for excellence.

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January 18, 2022 Review for

Cynthia Austin, NBC-HWC

My Pain Coach, LLC

"I recommend Cindy to anyone looking for a pain management partner. She balances education, empathy, and jointly developed goal setting to make you feel like you're not facing your pain alone. I felt each session was well designed - a good balance of structured learning with enough flexibility to accommodate spontaneous topics / introspection. Over the course of our sessions, we discussed various tools / strategies and ran experiments together while monitoring their effectiveness.

I feel more confident and capable after having Cindy as my pain coach and I understand my pain a whole lot better, which amounts to a net reduction in pain and a better quality of life for me. Cindy was a pleasure to work with and I always found her accessible despite my busy work schedule and the different time zones. Highly recommend!"


San Francisco Bay Area, California

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My Pain Coach, LLC

Cynthia Austin, NBC-HWC

2022-01-25 11.03_edited.jpg

Cynthia Austin is a pain coach that is an expert on coaching the chronic pain experience.
She is the founder of My Pain Coach, LLC, a company that specializes in helping people find
their MPC Pain-Free Formula™ so that they can create lives they love and do the things they enjoy
every day.
Cynthia is a nationally board-certified health and wellness coach in the United States that has
her own chronic pain recovery story that led to her becoming a pain coach.
She works passionately to support clients and to educate the medical community that “pain
management” is managing the “negative status quo” when using only the biomedical model in
addressing chronic pain and that we can recover from chronic pain when we use the right
evidence-based tools through a biopsychosocial model.
She has developed a step-by-step system that helps people regain control over their lives after
developing chronic pain. Her goal is to help as many people as possible find relief from their
chronic pain and get back to doing the things they love on a daily basis.
Cynthia’s story has been featured in VoyageOhio,  courses about chronic pain recovery, and she has written pieces for Remedy, the US Pain Foundation’s blog, and The Mighty's blog.

She has studied under leading pain specialists along with top health & wellness specialists. Some of the learning experiences were one-on-one webinar training with top pain researchers & educators in the United States.


Cynthia has also received certifications and attended continuing education training related to chronic pain and wellness.

Education, Training, Continuing Education, Certifications

September 2016 – Chronic Pain Legislative Advocate Certification, US Pain Foundation

June 2018 – Chronic Pain Support Group Leader Certification, Pain Connection

October 2019 - Dragontree Life Coach Certification

October 2020 - Certified Health & Wellness Coach with emphasis on chronic pain coaching

October 2020 - Motivational Interviewing Skills

March 2021 – Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach Certification

March 2021 – Neural Circuits Disorder, Howard Schubiner, MD, Continuing Education

April 2021 – Fundamentals of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion for Health Coaches, Dr. Cherie Kroh, Continuing Education

May 2021 - Positive Mental Health, Appleseed Mental Health Counseling, Continuing Education

September 2021 – Self-Compassion, Kristen Neff, PhD

December 2021 – Poly Vagal Theory, Deb Dana

January 2022 Somatic Tracking Training, Dr. Peter Levine & Dr. Diane Poole Heller

January 2022 – The DOC Journey, Dr. David Hanscom (one-on-one education)

February 2022 – Opening Up By Writing It Down, Dr. James Pennebaker & Dr. Joshua Smyth

March 2022 – Pain Reprocessing Theory, Dr. Howard Schubiner (small group)

March 2022 – Root Cause Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine based on Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy, Lifestyle Prescriptions® University, Continuing Education

April 2022 – Certified Empowered Relief™️ Instructor, Stanford Medicine/Stanford University, Continuing Education & discussions with Stanford Medicine/Stanford University pain science researchers

August 2022 – Certified Reiki Practitioner, Biofield Energy Work (clinical research provided upon request about biofield work)

March 2023 - Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy Certificate Course, Mark A. Lumley, Ph.D. & Howard Schubiner, MD

May 2023 - Cynthia Austin was interviewed by video about her pain recovery story by Howard Schubiner, MD for his chronic pain course on Coursera

June 2023 - Pain Reprocessing Therapy Certificate Course with Alan Gordon, LCSW

June 2023 - Self-Compassion and Shame Certificate Course with Kristen Neff, PhD

“I am invested in understanding everything there is to know about the science of pain so that I can help frustrated people living with chronic pain who are tired of suffering discover their individualized "Pain-Free Formula" with the goal of recovery or significantly reducing pain so that they can finally participate fully in life again.”     ~Cynthia Austin

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Credentials & Certificates


National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Health & wellness coaches partner with clients seeking to enhance their well-being through self-directed, lasting changes, aligned with their values. In the course of their work, health & wellness coaches display an unconditional positive regard for their clients and a belief in their capacity for change, honoring the fact that each client is an expert on their own life, while ensuring that all interactions are respectful and non-judgmental.


Empowered Relief™️

Empowered Relief™ is an evidence-based, single-session pain class that rapidly equips patients with pain management skills. Developed at Stanford University.

take courage coaching logo.jpg

Take Courage Coaching graduate

Take Courage Coaching is a health and wellness company, and training school focused on the science and skills of managing chronic pain and health and wellness coaching.


Chronic Pain Support Group Leader

Certified peer leader working with individuals with chronic pain in a group setting.

Dragontree Life Coaching Badge.png

Dragontree Life Coach graduate

A Dragontree Life Coach is a guide and advocate who lights the way for their clients to find their own wisdom, inner knowing and truth.

uspainfoundation logo.jpg

Chronic Pain Legislative Advocate

Fighting for change for the chronic pain community at the state and federal levels of government.

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