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Do you want to be a
Chronic Pain Coach?

At My Pain Coach, LLC., we believe in supporting and empowering the chronic pain community by creating positive change for people living with chronic pain.


Cynthia Austin, NBC-HWC will help you find the correct courses and resources while supporting your needs as you take actionable steps toward becoming a successful pain coach without years in school or thousands of dollars. 

My Story

I am uniquely qualified to help you find actionable steps toward becoming a successful pain coach.


For almost five decades, I lived with chronic pain. I know the pain experience intimately and understand nuances that most people living without persistent pain do not. I have experienced many types of chronic pain over a lifetime, starting at 7 years old, and I continued to struggle through different age brackets allowing me to have a different perspective on chronic pain that most healthcare professionals cannot understand.

I am a highly educated coach with a variety of qualifications and certifications including a business administration degree. I have a certificate in health & wellness coaching, as well as a certification in holistic life coaching and pain coaching. I am also a national board-certified health and wellness coach. My education has been tailored to the pain coaching profession, equipping me with the knowledge and skills needed to help my clients reach their health goals. I stay up-to-date on the latest research and best practices in the field so that I can provide the highest quality of care possible.

Through my extensive education and experience, I have developed a step-by-step process of pain coaching that gets results. As a triple-certified coach, I have the know-how to help others out of suffering and into a place of strength and success. With my guidance, you can learn how to be an effective and compassionate pain coach that helps others recover from chronic pain.

Key Benefits of the My Pain Coach Approach to Pain Recovery:

Cynthia is an experienced and talented pain coach who brings a variety of beneficial skills to the table:

Keep the drive to move forward toward a pain coaching career alive.
Keep your action steps productive with accountability.
Build your confidence as a pain coach.

Learn how to communicate for better client successes.
Support for difficult coaching cases
Go beyond the standard and normally accepted ways of pain management.
Learn to approach your client’s issues with innovative solutions
Learn how to help the client build skills, in the correct order, that will help the client be most successful
Learn a different perspective about chronic pain from someone that lived in pain for five decades and knows the pain experience intimately as a patient and as a provider.

Learn what it takes to change the "pain brain" experience.

Gain the knowledge needed to tackle complex chronic pain issues.

Understand what factors prime individuals for chronic pain.
Learn how to listen
for the root cause of pain in the client
Understand how to use effective special communication skills to help people living with chronic pain find solutions to their pain experience.
Learn how to perceive, use, understand, manage, and handle your own emotions while working with pain-coaching clients.
Learn the process of achieving your coaching business goals by overcoming obstacles quickly and permanently.
Learn strong research skills to acquire new understanding, knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes about pain science and how to use this information to help your pain client.
Work together to build a pain coaching program with confidence.
Work with a triple-certified coach to build a coaching practice that gets results for its clients.
Learn how to integrate your coaching practice into the public and into healthcare systems.


Let's Chat!

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to help others understand chronic pain and the pain coaching profession.

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